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Check out some beautiful pictures from my last summer holiday in Greece <3

Hey everyone! How are you? I hope you are all doing well. I just came back few days ago from my last holiday for this summer, me and my boyfriend went to Thasos island in Greece and this piece of heaven surpassed all my expectations. If you have any opportunity to visit Thasos, do not hesitate. Amazing beaches, crystal clear water and great food- this is Greece! We were there only for four days and it was definitely not enough, but I am so happy that we found the most beautiful beach in the world- Marble beach. There is no sand there, just small stones of marble and this is the most unique place I have ever seen. Water was the most crystal clear and turquoise water you will ever see <3 ! Ahh, I just wish I could go back there and dive into this water! This was my fist time in Greece and I have to say it is definitely one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth and I can’t wait to visit more places in Greece. Below you can see some of the pictures that we took there. Enjoy!

P.S I also got engaged there and I can’t be happier. This was my best and my happiest holiday ever!



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    Of course it is the best beach in the world fOR you if that is what happened! Hehe. Congratulations! The water there is an amazing color, too.

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    Exquisite photography. so beautiful

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    I am dying to get to Greece. My friends and I are looking into planning a trip to Greece for next year. Of course having an engagement there makes it one very important place. Congrats!

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    wow, that place is so beautiful
    You must have had so much fun
    the pictures are so beautiful

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