7 Things Every Fashionable Woman Must Have In 2017 – Spring Edition

Spring 2017 outfit ideas

Trends come and go, but every season has its must-haves and life is much easier when you have everyday items that can be mixed and matched to style a confident and statement-making look. If you have the basics you can create different looks and styles. After all, fashion is about creativity and this spring your can experiment, explore and embrace new styles. Why not? Life is short to wear boring clothes 😉 .

#1: The White shirt

The Absolute must-have. Any wardrobe is incomplete without the holy grail white shirt.


#2.  Cute Romper

Easy to style, comfortable, cute, rompers are everything.


#3. Lace Dress

Lace dresses are unique combination between feminine and sexy stylish look. Don’t underestimate the lace dress and definitely try to add it to your style, if you haven’t already. One lace dress is never enough.


#4. Stylish Jacket

The outerwear is important part of every outfit and it has to be the perfect finish of the look. Your jacket tells a lot about your style.


#5.  Great Denim Jeans

Good jeans are essential part of any wardrobe. If you have amazing jeans that complement your style and your body you are ready to conquer the world. This season denim is the absolute star. Light wash and embroidered jeans – perfection!


#6. Lace up Shoes

Lace up shoes are in style this season. They are perfect match for the above mentioned styles and they perfectly complete your string style.


#7. Stylish Bag

The bag is essential to your whole look.  It does not  only has to match your style, but it also has to have character and bring uniqueness to your look.


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