We all know how important and essential Little Black Dresses are for every wardrobe, but little has been said about the little black bags. Basically, your life and style are absolutely incomplete if don’t have one cute and stylish handbag that can be styled with almost everything that you wear. This the go-to bag when […]


I finally fell in love with Fall! It was my least favorite season for a long time, but now I can really appreciate how beautiful and special fall is! I feel like fall is all about being cozy and comfortable, and layering of course. Layering  is definitely not my favorite thing and I am trying […]

July Wishlist

Happy summer everyone! My favorite season is here and I am beyond excited! Summer fashion is the best and can’t wait to wear all my favorite pieces. Here is my wishlist for the sunny July. You can browse and explore all my favorite styles below and gain some fashion inspiration. I love bright colors and […]

6 Dresses You Need In Your Life

Dresses are inseparable part of every woman’s wardrobe and there is always room for another great dress. This spring / summer 2017 we are blessed with amazing designs and ideas for stunning dresses. They are the perfect choice for an everyday outfit and for a date night look too. All you need this season is […]