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Some empty bottles here! 😉 Perfumes are one of my favorite accessories, maybe even my most loved one.  I love having different bottles and switching between them depending on my mood or the occasion. I love strong and long-lasting fragrances that are feminine and sexy. I do not drawn myself in perfume, but I love to be able to sense the scent through out the entire day. I believe that perfumes tell a lot about your personality and this is one of the things that you always have to have. As a popular saying says : ” Your perfume is your message, your scented slogan” ! So true, isn’t it! I have used these perfumes multiple times and I love them to death! However, I Think that I need to try something new. Please, comment down below what’s your favorite fragrance and please recommend something that you think is worth trying. I definitely want to find new favorites.

Here are my most loved perfumes:

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#1  Coco Mademoiselle

Maybe the best perfume I have ever had! Very long-lasting and strong scent, feminine and vey classy. All-time favorite classic smell. I can’t go wrong with Chanel perfume. If I had to choose only one – this would be it. Adore it!

#2 Jimmy Choo – Illicit

This is my newest purchase and I love it so much. It’s definitely on the sweeter side, but it is not too sweet. It is sexy and strong fragrance. I have to say that I was pleasantly  surprised to long-lasting this smell is. Amazing! Definitely recommend.

#3 Dolce – Rosa Excelsa

This is a lighter perfume that I love for the summer season. If you love rose scented things you will totally fall in love with this one. I don’t even like rose scented smells, but this perfume became one of my faves. The only downside is that it does not last that long, but I still love it, especially for the spring or summer. Very beautiful scent.

#4 Paco Rabanne – Lady Million

This baby and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle are two perfumes that I have purchased the most. This is another all time favorite of mine. It is not on the picture only because I threw the empty bottle just a few days ago. Vey classy, elegant and sexy scent.

#5 Just Cavalli – Just

Another great and very long-lasting fragrance. It think this one is a bit different from the rest, It is not to very sweet, I would say it is more business lady scent.




#6 Chanel – Chance eau tendre

Another Chanel here. As I said I love Chanel perfumes and usually keep at least one Chanel in my collection. If I don’t want to buy Mademoiselle again and again I go with with baby- feminine and classy.

Comment below which one is your favorite and please recommend something new! 🙂 XO

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    Im using just cavalli, its great for me.

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    THe one I’ve used & love is PAco Rabanne Lady million – always get compliments with that on! 🙂 Loved your picture too!

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